HELIOS DRF, Full digital remote controlled table

Helios DRF has been designed with a privilege to the aspects of lightness, compactness and reduced dimensions. Each movement has been optimized to facilitate the use by the operator and to ensure maximum patient safety, preventing his movements during the examination. The minimum height from ground of the patient tabletop is just 45 cm, the lowest of the category. The access is made easier for any kind of patient.

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“Two in One” full digital acquisition system

Complete dynamic procedures and high-resolution radiographic acquisitions for a full range of fluoroscopic, angiographic and radiographic applications.

Dynamic Imaging and angiographic applications:

  • Gastrointestinal examinations
  • Urogenital tract examinations
  • Endoscopy
  • Arthrography
  • Venography
  • Lymphography
  • Myelography
  • Step Angio (optional)
  • Digital angiography (optional) *
  • ADigital subtracted angiography (optional) *

Static Imagingo for radiographic examinations

Skeletal radiography:

  • Skull
  • Thorax
  • Abdomen
  • Vertebral column
  • Pelvis
  • Upper and lower extremities
  • Tomography
  • Long image display or stitching (optional) *

Advanced applications

Long Image Visalization

The stitching function consists of an automatic reconstruction of an X- ray image starting from a series of images acquired at fixed frequency during the scanning of the patient. The image is reconstructed, keeping all original pixels, and can be viewed on the monitor, processed, printed or sent to the network. This function is usually used for the scan of spine and lower arts. Using the “stitching” command, the system automatically generates a sequence of acquisitions according to the number of frames selected by the operator (2 for 60 cm, 3 for 90 cm, 4 for 120 cm length). Afterwards, the software links the images to get a single one shown in approximately 5 seconds.


The Tomosynthesis is a technique which allows the reconstruction of volumetric images starting from a finite number of bi-dimensional projections taken at different tube angles. This is given by the separation of the acquisition process from the visualization one.

Among the advantages with respect to CT scan technique, it is well accepted by those patients affected by severe claustrophobia. Tomosynthesis has several areas of application including:

– Weight bearing views
– Knee pain
– Spontaneous Osteonecrosis
– Bone on bone
– Worn cartilage

Simulazione software della griglia antidiffusione

Through the Software Grid, it is possible to take grid-less examination and, consequently, to reduce patient dose. An algorithm simulates the physical grid resulting into high resolution images with no artifacts.
It is mainly recommended for thorax or abdomen exams where the x-ray diffusion is generally very high.

Dose Reduction

Through the dual energy (DE) acquisition, the software generates three different images.
The first one shows the soft tissues, the second image shows the bones and the third is an overlap of the first two images. This is an ideal technique for chest x-rays as it helps in detecting pulmonary nodules. Moreover, dosage in DE is by far lower than in dedicated CT scans, which can be considered as a second level analysis.

Elevato flusso di esami, completa connettività

Efficienza “2 in 1”

Con Helios DRF si riduce enormemente il tempo per l’esecuzione di esami combinati di scopia e grafica, potendoli adesso effettuare sulla stessa apparecchiatura con tecnica digitale diretta.

Tempi ridottissimi

L’utilizzo delle cassette e delle sviluppatrici tende ormai al disuso. Con Helios DRF le immagini sono fruibili in tempo reale, riducendo così sia i tempi di attesa per il paziente sia i tempi di preparazione per

Connettività ottimale

Il sistema è pienamente compatibile con il protocollo Dicom 3.0 e permette la totale integrazione ad ogni HIS/RIS e PACS aziendale già esistente. Al fine di eliminare completamente le pellicole è possibile inoltre creare CD e DVD direttamente da console con il masterizzatore
integrato, oppure inviare in stampa solo le immagini più significative

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Helios DRF is a very reliable and innovative digital fluoroscopy system, featuring

Made in Italy Technology

Designed and manufactured in Italy by Assing team

Best patient confort

Thanks to the tabletop dimensions and low height from the ground of 45 cm only

Ergonomics and ease of use

Thanks to tabletop rotation and variable focus to film distance

Maximum connectivity

Direct image acquisition and fast connection

Customer Support and after sale service

A dedicated team is available for any need.

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