Speedy Plus DR Mobile X-ray

Speedy Plus DR is the top of the range Assing mobile X-ray. Handy and with a catching design, Speedy Plus DR features digital wireless technology for high quality exams in very short time.
Thanks to a sophisticated anti-tilting device, the arm holding the monoblock can be rotated at 180° (± 90°) without compromising the stability of the system and the patient security. It is equipped with high frequency generator 32kW-125kV which is controlled by a microprocessor and an x-ray tube with rotating anode and 110KHU. Speedy Plus DR is the best choice for routine examinations at patient bed and in the critical conditions of intensive care and recovery rooms.

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Wide range of tube arm positions

Monoblock front rotation ± 180°

Lateral monoblock rotation from 0° to +90° to +15°

Tube arm lateral rotation 180° (± 90°)

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