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Any user of electromedical devices has the obligation to have them checked. Periodical electrical tests are necessary for patients’ safety; moreover, they are mandatory according to D. Lgs 81/08 (Consolidated text on job safety) as these devices are working tools to all effects and it is mandatory by law that the employer (owner of the medical centre or sanitary responsible) should schedule said tests.

The electrical safety test of all electromedical devices is important not only for the users but also for the patients. The electrical risks patients can be subject to are:

  1. Macroshock
  2. Microshock (ex. Patient undergoing cardiac catheter or any exam with probe or any other element that goes close to or inside the heart).

Depending on the intensity of the electric current, the physiopathologic effects on the human being are:

  • Tetanisation
  • Stopping breathing
  • Ventricular fibrillation
  • Burnings

The employer needs to periodically check the correct functioning of the medical devices; once a year in the group II environments, and once every two years in the remaining environments.

In the field of electric safety tests on electromedical devices, Assing provides a package of services fully compliant to current standards at very affordable prices.

After every test, Assing will release for each electromedical device:

  • The technical sheet containing:
  1. Identification of the tested device;
  2. Results of the visual tests;
  3. Results of the measures taken;
  4. Eligibility to use or not the device;
  5. Non-compliances if any.
  • Final summary inventory related to carried out electrical safety tests
  • An archiving service for the complete management of all documentation related to electromedical devices.


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