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Research and quality assurance are important values of our corporate culture; a high standard of quality allows us to be in line with the expectations of our customers.

Assing has achieved the following certification:

  • ISO 9001 – Continuous and constant improvement of the company with the aim of optimizing the organizational structure. The areas of interest are related to the design and construction, turnkey, of cleanrooms, engine test systems and related components, sales and service assistance of advanced technology equipment in the field of scientific research, diagnostics and industrial production.
  • SOA – Certification required by law for qualification of the public works execution.
  • ISO 13485 – It is based on the ISO 9001, for standard quality management system, specific for medical companies, which includes standard aspects of the ISO 9001 and specific requirements for the medical device industry. The areas of interest are the design, production, installation and technical assistance of medical devices and radiological systems.
  • ISO 14001 to support the environmental responsibility, a standard on the most widespread environmental management systems in the world. The organization manages its activities with respect to the environment and demonstrates its commitment in order to limit pollution, meets legal and other requirements, continuously improves its own “Environmental Management System” so as to keep, totally, its environmental performance.
  • UNI ISO 45001 -2018 “Management system for the health and safety at work” is the first international regulation to define the standard for the protection of the workers around the world. It defines how to improve safety, reduce risks and improve health and wellness of the workers, allowing them to increase the performances. ISO 450001, being integrated with the quality management standards (UNI EN ISO 90001) and with the environment standards (UNI EN ISO 14000) has become an essential part of the working processes and can generate a new model of sustainability and growth of company performances.
  • CE HELIOS, CE ASTER, CE ROBIN e CE SPEEDY – They sustain that the product to which they are applied, complies with the regulations in force within the European Community.
  • Cribis Prime Company
    The CRIBIS Prime Company recognition is the highest level of business reliability for an organization, and it is allocated only and exclusively to companies which maintain constantly a high economic and commercial reliability record and a history of prompt payments towards their suppliers. This recognition is an important demonstration of the level of business solidity of Assing SPA and an assurance for all companies which have chosen Assing SPA as a business Partner.
    In Italy only 10% out of more than 5 million Companies, manage to reach the Cribis Prime Company.
  • Legality Rating
    The Legality Rating is a tool introduced in 2012 for Italian companies, aimed at promoting and introducing principles of ethical corporate behaviour. It is a synthetic indicator which, through the assignment of a score, measured in “stars”, is indicative of compliance with the law for companies that have requested it and, more generally, it is indicative of the degree of attention to the correct business management. This rating is also a prerequisite to obtaining public funds and bank credit at better conditions.
    The legality rating is assigned by the Italian Competition Authority ’Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato and has a duration of two years from the issue and is renewable upon request.


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